“There is no greater joy in life than becoming a parent. Through the smiles, tears, fears, and feats; at the end of the day, you can rest knowing that you tired your best. Some days you win some, some days you lose some-our goal is to help increase your odds of winning by helping parents identify everyday problems and solve them through our functional designs.”

-Mary and Amber, Bonbino Baby

The Story Behind the Brand

The folks at Bonbino Baby know that when your baby is born, they don’t come with an instruction manual. As a parent, you’re constantly learning as you go and sometimes the act of raising a child can seem like trial and error. One of the biggest milestones (but also most challenging times) during a baby’s development is the process of teething. That’s why they have developed a wide range of products to make this stressful time much smoother and more successful for all parties involved.

Back in 2015, two United Kingdom moms (and friends), Mary and Amber, decided it was time to brainstorm some solutions for babies that would not just work, but would actually be practical. That’s why they started the brand, Bambino Baby. They wanted to bring moms lots of items that work, from actual, hands on moms who realize that the teething struggle is real and have been through it with their own children, first hand!

Mary, a stay at home mom (with a degree in Psychology), ran a mommy support group. The group met to bring their children together for play dates, but Mary was also available for one on one support, and small group sessions. One of the most talked about topics at her support group meetings turned out to be teething! Mary gained a wealth of knowledge about the topic, and generated lots of ideas as to how she could help other moms who needed items-and answers!

Amber, a former educator and daycare owner decided to sell her business and begin a new one since she had years of experience and knowledge about babies and children of all ages. There wasn’t anything Amber hadn’t experienced, and was ready to share her innovative ideas and abundance of knowledge with other parents in need.

It All Started With a Teething Ring

Mary’s daughter started teething at a very early age-3 months! In an attempt to soothe her disgruntled and confused baby; Mary resorted to giving her daughter a teething ring that she picked up at the store. However, her daughter did not take to the ring, because it was hard and rigid; and it seemed to bring her even more discomfort when using it! Mary started to sketch a few ring designs and shared them with her pal, Amber one day over lunch. The power duo put their minds together and decided they had some awesome ideas that needed to be turned into a reality!  

The Future of Bonbino Baby  

While the brand began with the creation of teething items, it continues to strive and grow; offering moms lots of other innovative items which serve as solutions in order to help make the parenting process a lot easier and more enjoyable. Their items are available for purchase in the United States, but also in Europe.